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The REM Inspection

REM Inspectors provide different types of inspections tailored to your needs - from new home construction to post-purchase safety inspections - REM Home Inpsections can do it all.

The partial inspection is for the owner of a property that has a concern with the functioning of a particular system or systems and would like professional direction on the repair or upgrading of the concern. It could be a concern with a roof problem, leaking basement, electrical issue, etc. A partial inspection covers a minimum of two systems, as outlined in the Homebook.
TIME: Approx 1-2 Hrs

The standard prepurchase inspection includes all eight systems as outlined in the Homebook. The prepurchase inspection is scheduled by the purchaser or purchaser's real estate agent based upon the contract requirements. This inspection is for the purchaser of an existing home that wants to know the condition of the property in order to make an informed decision prior to finalizing the contract.
TIME: Approx 3-6 Hrs

The Pre-Sale inspection is for homeowners and listing agents that are preparing to present the house for sale and are interested in knowing the present condition of the home. This inspection will uncover any major problems that need to be corrected. This will allow the sale of the home to proceed smoothly with out any last minute glitches due to the house condition. This inspection includes all 8 systems from the Homebook
TIME:Approx 3-6Hrs


· Phase 1 - Foundation
The foundation inspection is a punchlist inspection that is conducted after the foundation concrete walls have been placed, the wall forms have been removed and the foundation wall has been damp proofed, exterior and interior drain systems are in place, and the under slab plumbing has been installed. This inspection should be scheduled before the foundation walls have been backfilled and prior to the placement of the concrete basement floor.
Some of the issues the REM inspector will look for during the foundation inspection are, that sill straps have been installed at the correct locations and spacing, foundation walls bear properly on the footing, stanchion column piers are of substantial size and depth, there are no excessive cold pours or honeycombing of the concrete, wall ties have been removed and sealed, there is no debris in the backfill material that would attract woodboreing insects close to the foundation, and numerous other issues.
TIME: Approx 1.5-2.5 Hrs

· Phase 2 - Predrywall
The predrywall inspection is a punchlist inspection and should be scheduled after all the rough trades have completed their work, the supervisor has completed the framecheck, and the carpenter contractor has punched out the unit, also all applicable building inspections have been completed, and the house has been insulated.
The REM inspector will inspect the house for issues such as properly placed structural components, properly installed windows and doors, damaged or improperly installed wiring, hvac equipment, and plumbing components, also, damaged or missing trusses, incorrectly installed roof and floor sheathing, inadequate insulation, and a multitude of other issues.
TIME: Approx 3-4 Hrs

· Phase 3 - Final
The final inspection is a punchlist inspection. The inspection should be conducted just prior to the presettlement walk through with the builder. Some of the issues your REM inspector will look for are, that all finishes have been installed correctly, windows and doors operate properly, appliances are installed and operate, exterior finishes are correct , all mechanical systems operate as intended, grading has been properly completed. The final inspection includes all 8 systems from the Homebook
TIME: Approx 3 - 6 Hours

1-year service inspections are conducted as a punch list type inspection for purchases of new homes. The new homes are normally approaching their warranty expiration date and need to have any remaining builder deficiencies corrected. This inspection is normally conducted prior to the scheduled appointment with the builder's representative. (This can be a very important inspection if the new construction phase inspections were not executed. It is not unusual to uncover broken trusses, missing insulation in attics, grading issues, improperly installed windows and doors, and improper workmanship). This inspection includes all 8 categories from the Homebook
TIME: Approx 2.5-4 Hrs

A remodeling inspection is a punchlist type inspection that can be conducted on any remodeling project that has been executed. Some types of remodeling do not require building permits or inspections by code enforcement officials, depending upon jurisdictional requirements. Some of these include decks less than 18"to the ground, siding replacement, reroofing, window and door replacement, insulation upgrades, etc. This inspection can give the owner peace of mind that that the contractor did exactly what was paid for and did the work correctly.
TIME: Approx 1.5 -3 Hrs

Most safety agencies recommend having a professional inspection approximately every 5 years after you've moved into a home. A house is an ever-changing environment. Plumbing leaks develop, toilets loosen, wiring shorts, roofing wears out, masonry deteriorates, grading settles, improper repairs are executed, etc. This inspection can uncover maintenance and safety issues that the owners may not be aware of. Inspection covers all 8 system categories from the Homebook
TIME: Approx 3-4 Hrs

Inspection Plus
Inspection Plus is a specialized inspection that utilizes the inspection services of a team of licensed professionals and engineers in lieu of the standard generalist inspection. This type of inspection is for a purchaser that has significant concerns with the condition of the property they intend to purchase. Do to the nature of this type of inspection some destructive testing and investigation is possible due to the removal of fixtures and dismantling of some equipment. Narrative type report
TIME Approx 8-12 Hrs

Residential Equity Management offers full service testing for radon, lead based paint, water, mold, termites, and asbestos. These inspections are contracted through outside, licensed environmental companies and can be scheduled for the same time frame as the home inspection or whatever meets your needs. Please notify the scheduling department of your particular requirements.

It is recommended that whenever possible the purchaser attend the inspection in order to obtain the greatest amount of information on their new home. The REM inspector will explain pertinent maintenance issues, discuss problems that have been discovered, and will also point out the positive aspects of the property. The time spent with the inspector can be very enlightening and informative.

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