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Getting Ready to Buy a Home

An REM Home Inspection professional's primary role is helping people understand and manage the risks of homeownership while performing your home inspection. The risks associated with home ownership can never be completely eliminated, but can be greatly reduced. The risks are best understood and managed by your participation in the home inspection with the inspector. Some simple items in preparation for your participation:

- Be sure that permission as well as access to the home has been received from the owner or agent.
- Confirm that all utilities are on.
- Plan between two and three hours to attend the inspection
-Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. The inspector will allow you to accompany him to every location that you are comfortable with and in no danger.
- Bring a flashlight and reading glasses if you need them.
- Please bring your checkbook.
- Bring a note pad and any questions that you, friends or family may have.
- Young children can be a distraction to you. We need your attention to give you the best service.
- Obtain, review and bring along a copy of the seller's disclosure, previous inspections, and invoices for recent repairs.

We look forward to meeting you and working together. If you have friends, family members or special experts that you would like to meet us and participate, they are most welcome. We want you to be comfortable and well informed.

Thank you for choosing REM Home Inspections.


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